I did my PhD at the philosophy department at Lund University, under the supervision of Prof. Erik J. Olsson. After that I was a post doc at the ILLC, Amsterdam University. I am currently working at Stockholm University, with the project “Completeness and complexity of modal fixpoint logics”, funded by the Swedish Research Council.


  • Co-supervisor of Sander in t’Veld, Master of Logic at the ILLC, University of Amsterdam, 2016. Thesis: Temporal logics, automata and the modal μ-calculus. Main supervisor: Yde Venema.
  • Co-supervisor of Olim Tuyt, Master of Logic at the ILLC, University of Amsterdam, 2016.  Thesis: Canonical rules on neighborhood frames. Main supervisor: Nick Bezhanishvili.
  • Main supervisor of Kristoffer Kalavainen, bachelor at the Mathematics department at Stockholm University, 2017. Thesis: A coalgebraic approach to modal logic.

I am currently the co-supervisor of Fatemeh Seifan, who is a PhD student at the ILLC, University of Amsterdam.  The main supervisor is Yde Venema.

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